Super Fast E-commerce Setup in 5 Simple Steps

Whoever told you setting up an e-shop is a difficult thing to do will have to take it back after you have read this short tutorial.

The whole process involves no more than five simple steps and can take anywhere between a few minutes to about a day depending on how proficient you are with web technologies. The end product you are heading for is a full e-commerce website that allows you to present, sell and charge for products and services, ideal for anyone who is determined to establish their individual online presence for small business purposes, for example artists, craftsmen, artisans, clothing or publishing companies.

Step 1: Hosting + domain

You cannot do much without taking care of your hosting first. Luckily, the days when it was a challenge to register and set up your domain belong to the past now and a number of web hosting providers, like InMotion, iPage or Hostgator, offer excellent packages for reasonable prices.

Step 2: WordPress as a CMS

When you are done with setting up hosting, you log on in the control panel of your new site and install the WordPress blogging platform to act as a content management solution. This can usually be done directly from your hosting company’s script library within seconds and without any technical background necessary to handle the process. Just a couple of mouse clicks, filling in basic configuration details, admin data, and the platform is being put to work.

Step 3: WooThemes for better feel

For a better aesthetic feel of the site, you can select a theme that matches your taste and aspirations. There are plenty of fantastic, free skins to choose from at and they should meet most people’s expectations, but if you are not satisfied, you can go on to buy premium products that are bound to make your website look great. Whatever you choice, download the theme to your computer for future installation.

Step 4: The best e-commerce plugin

When you get to your WordPress dashboard, you can start adding new plugins. A great choice for e-commerce websites is ecwid plugin that can be installed quickly and effortlessly, offering an innovative shopping basket solution. It’s free, simple to use and maintain, fast, and rich in features. Importantly, it integrates seamlessly with social networks and runs great on mobiles.

Step 5: CSV import

Once you are done with configuring your e-commerce plugin for such things as payment channels and product categories, you are ready to do a CSV product import, which completes the whole procedure.

You are now free to do business with your new e-commerce website and integrate it with Facebook or other social networks to connect with customers better.


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